Dr. Strangelove or

How I Learned To
Stop Worrying And
Love CSS 💏

tl;dr Making web design
*make sense*

 ZAYDEK 👨‍🎨👨‍💻

The web is one of the most
adopted user interfaces in the
observable universe 🌀

With billions(!) of users,
what % understand CSS?!!?
Is that...right? 🙈

How do we make CSS
more likeable, even lovable?

Designers HATE him!

Learn This
One Weird 🙊 Trick
To Debug CSS

*Not clickbait*

CSS is a double-edged sword;
it can be used to *both* construct
and deconstruct websites

Alan Kay

Is it really complex?
Or did we just make it complicated?

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It's been an honor!
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